"YOU could give me the past, but Alec is my future."

Magnus Bane, to Camile Belcourt, City of Fallen Angels

Magnus Bane, is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. He is over four centuries old,

Biography Edit

Magnus was born to a half-Dutch and half-Indonesian woman and the Prince of Hell Asmodeus in the 16th century in Jakarta, Indonesia, back then known as Batavia of the Dutch East Indies. He was born seemingly normal, only with unusual amber eyes.

Magnus Bane has lived 400 long centuries.

Physical Description Edit

  • Black Hair
  • Yellow-Green (cat-like eyes)
  • No belly button
  • Immortal

Magnus stopped aging at around 19 and thus looks quite young. Magnus has brown skin, is very tall, with a long and lean body. His warlock marks are his yellow-green "cat-like eyes" with vertical pupils and his lack of a belly button. He is also noted to have a somewhat Asian appearance, due to the curve of his eyes. He has dark black hair; his hairstyles has changed over the years, ranging from short and spiked to straight and shoulder length.

He wears all kinds of make-up, such as glitter around his eyes, lipstick, and nail polish. He likes to flaunt his beauty by often dressing in flamboyant and glitzy ensembles, which is seen by some as strange, or unique.

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Immortality: Since Magnus Bane is a warlock, he has been granted with the gift of immortality. Which means he can not age.
  • Magic: Magnus Bane as the ability to perform spells and use magic that appears as blue flames or sparks on/in his hands.