Here you will find all the challenges and games created by the community ! All of them are accessible on the Amino community. Have fun !

Malec Date Challenge Edit

Write, draw, create Au or blogs on your insight of how the first Malec Date should have gone. Be as creative as you want !

Malec Rune challenge Edit

Create your own Malec rune and have it included into the Malec Codex available on Wattpad ([1]). Draw yours on paper, write its description and share !

Symbol Challenge Edit

Pick three existing runes describing the best Malec and write a blog on why you choose them.

Other Dimension Challenge Edit

What if Alec and Malec met in another dimension ? Give us your thoughts in a blog, fanfiction or a drawing :)

Song Challenge Edit

Post one song that make you think of Malec

Be free to suggest any other challenge !