Alexander Lightwood, or Alec as he preferred being called by everyone except Magnus, is the eldest son of Maryse and Robert Lightwood. He is part of our favorite couple, Malec.

Biography Edit

Due to his parents' being part of the Circle, he spent most of his childhood outside Idris, in the Institute of New York. He has two biological younger siblings, Izzy and Max, and his parabatai, Jace.

Physical Appareance Edit

Alec is tall and quite thin. He has dark hair and blue eyes.

His whole wardrobe seems to consist in black clothes.

Personality Edit

Alec is protective towards those he loves.

He also has a strong sense of responsability.

He is quiet and serious most of the times but let go when he is with Magnus.

Skills Edit

Runes Edit

As every shadowhunter, Alec can use various runes on himself and other shadowhunters to heal himself and enhance his senses and skills.

He can also use angelic weapons such as seraph blades.

Archery Edit

Alec is talented at archery. His weapon of choice is an arc.